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Mar 16, 2023

Death Wish 3 Review starts at 57:00

A GIANT SIZED DISCUSSION on Charles Bronson and Cannon films. Before that, MOVIE RECAP

- CRD talks about Cocaine Bear and some new Marvel movie that only he likes.

-Snobby Bobby watched a bunch of Cannon movies and ate an entire pizza.


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Feb 24, 2023

In another Hometown Heroes interview, we welcome filmmakers Matt and Darren into the studio to discuss their upcoming project and love letter to 80s action, TOTAL REWIND.

Check out trailer for TOTAL REWIND here:


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Feb 21, 2023

GALAXY OF TERROR review starts at 1:12:00

Were back with a killer audience request from Patreon supporter Patrick - GALAXY OF TERROR - from 1981. Shockingly this is the very first ROGER CORMAN flick we've ever covered and it is a wonderful doozy of a film that makes very little sense, but that really doesn't matter. But...

Feb 1, 2023

It's QUANTITY > QUALITY on this GIANT SIZE Movie Recap episode of NOT FOR EVERYONE PODCAST. TWO straight hours of nonsense! Topics covered but not limited to:

Michael Jackson is a talented woman

Pro Wrestler Jeff Jarrett


Saved By the Bell

and more!!!

Dec 27, 2022

Its Christmas time yet again, and in true NFE fashion, we do not cover any Christmas movies (but we will play some background tracks that sound kind of like Christmas songs). On this very special episode, Snobby Bobby and Crude Rude Dude fight it out on which is their preferred "least celebrated" John Carpenter...